Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freigeist guy

Hedda Gabbler at CapStage = great set design, some stellar performances, some problems.  It's interesting to have seen certain stage actors enough to know about the little bits of business they return to. Like Jonathan Rhys Williams does a weird thing with his tongue and Stephanie Gularte curls her lip when she's being evil or manipulative.  Can't wait to see "How We Got On' at B st.  Gotta squeeze it in because the run is ending next Sunday.  I learned that Hedda Gabbler is pronounced "Hedda Gobbler". Surely someone must have made a highminded porn based on this play.

Screature in Davis tonight!  At the Bike Collective just like the show earlier this week.  I am going to get fooled into being on time again even though it won't start till 9 from my fear of missing Screature.

Freigeist event tomorrow at Pangaea! Very exciting! Special Fregeist brews! The brewer will be there which might be cool but brewers are often boring because they mostly just brew beer all the time. 

Did you know a Mikkeller bar is opening in SF? So the two in the world will be in Copenhagen and SF.  It's goi ng to be off the chain and have a million Mikkeller beers and other super special stuff.  I predict mayhem. 


beckler said...

Is anyone going to tell me to STFU when I say I feel like I don't get props for my beer writing, which I've been doing for a long time, starting with a roundtable with Dan Scott and hopheads for the first Sacramento Beer Week. I think that's the first thing I wrote on beer but not sure. I admit to relying heavily on smiller when I write about beer, but I don't think that matters, cuz I know a lot too and especially have visited a million breweries all over the place. I don't know what kind of props I'm expecting, but I guess I feel like someone should flow some jobs my way. Or I could be acknowledged by a single beer guy in person as someone who is into beer, which does not happen. I often see a beer guy give someone at my table some special beer to try without offering me any. Please don't say first world problems because I view it as a female problem, frankly, right up there with menstrual cramps. I see a lot of dude one upmanship in beer, since it's really the new record collecting. I try to speak up where I can. Rob at Pangaea is a huge exception, and actually Chris at Berryessa. Now I'm just rambling.

This was prompted by the fact that sacpress now has a beer writer, probably paid, and I met the new publisher and he likes my stuff sooo... Also, I pitched beer stuff a long time ago to SacTown and didn't get a response even though Rob Turner told me to pitch him. But I can barely complete the freelance jobs I have.

Rambling even more

Anonymous said...

I can offer you a writing job at but can only pay you in 4 eyes cds.

I like non-super-beer-nerd reviews since a lot of the super-beer-nerd beers are a little "too much" for me (cost and flavor-wise).

beckler said...

I would say that I'm medium on the beer nerd scale

Anonymous said...

tl;dr people should give me more beer writing jobs that i don't have time for.

beckler said...

If you hang in there until the lengthy middle section you will see I am also whinging about beer dudes. I mean "whinging" in the British sense.

beckler said...

I'm just in a bad mood so I write things that invite people to get annoyed by me in a public forum. That sentence doesn't even make sense.

beckler said...

wow Out Hud retrospective article

gee whz said...

I totally agree. I really feel talked down to a lot. And I don't really know that much about beer, but I know what I like. And more importantly I know what I don't like (hoppy IPAs and stouts) and somehow that makes me just a girl because I like more subtle flavors.
I am not sure that I agree that Chris from Berryessa is an exception. Maybe to you.

beckler said...

He's a spacey guy in general. I think many geniuses are just obsessed with the thing they are brilliant at.