Thursday, June 27, 2013

Katie got bandz

Scouse Gits tonight at Mike C.'s birthday at Press.  I kept forgetting what band it was and thought it was some band I had never heard of.  By the way, I learned some rap sland "bandz" it's like rubber bands around money.  Like "Bandz a maker her dance" the Juicy J song and "Katie got bandz" a mediocre Chicago rapper.

I love this song! The first time I listened I thought it was boring but it's so stoney

I saw Before Midnight last night. Mixed feelings.  I loved the other ones because they were so romantic and here the romance is gone.  But it's real-feeling.  But Julie Delpy does come off as crazy and unreasonable.  But she is one of the most natural actresses I've ever seen, and so  luminous.  And lots of food for thought after.  Tantalizing hints of their life in the last ten years.  Hmmm....


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yolkie said...

It was definitely a brave move to make Before Midnight so realistic. For some reason I care about those characters so much that it really hurt me to see them tearing each other down and it mostly depressed me how much one changes in the course of a relationship for the worse. I'm 100% convinced that there is no such thing as romantic love. Thanks Linklater.
It's all a really brilliant study in the way a person's views change from their 20s to 40s.

Anonymous said...

And for us Mexican peeps, "Banda Makes Her Dance":


beckler said...

those videos are great

he did that when I saw him and the line "you say no to drugs, juicy j caint" is really funny

I totally believe in romantic love! There just isn't the eternal lust that everything in the media tries to convince us is "love". You should read Ask Joey more often. A huge part of those first two movies was the sexual tension between the two. That was a part of the intense connection they felt, but they have an emotional and intellectual connection, too so they were able to move it into a different type of relationship that's deeper.

However, I think she really may not be in love with him anymore. That could be the most honest thing she said. I think that's why she's projecting that he will leave her. She wants to leave him.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- if any of you sactoes can help out that Los Headaches band today that would be rad, whether it's showing them around, letting 'em use your shower/hang on your porch, etc. I don't know them, but they're buddies w/ my girlfriend and they've had a really rough tour so far, starting with half of them getting deported after being majorly fucked with by homeland security. So yeah, FB them if you can help even with a just a smile. -- Patrone

Anonymous said...

whoa that wiz khalifa is based on a super-slowed down loop of the intro to this song

apropos of nothing I went down an internet k-hole yesterday and learned that DJ Jazzy Jay played at Club Minimal over by Sac City in 1983. too bad I was 11 years old.


Anonymous said...

can we have a 10-year moratorium on slow-mo shots of rappers letting weed smoke exit their mouths?

Anonymous said...

"don't try to instagram me/that's ho shit"

...but rocking Chanel isn't?

i love how when he says he has "a ring on every finger", they show his hand and he has rings on only two fingers.