Monday, June 24, 2013


I officated AM and KC's wedding on Saturday and the whole thing was a blast.  I managed to work Star Trek and Channing Tatum references into the ceremony and to do a dramatic reading from my review of the defunct restaurant Chicken and Pizza Love Letter. I was happy to make them happy and add some laughter to the ceremony.  It was awesome and no hangover! Yay for me.  I stuck to Coors Light most of the night.


Cody said...

You absolutely killed it with the ceremony. Probably the best officiating I've seen.

ninja said...

Totally killed it and were loud enough!
Switching to Coors Light early enough saved me from a hangover as well.
The movie Al's bro made was awesome.
I thought all the dinner foods were good.

Unknown said...

you did a great job!!

I apologize to anyone I yelled at in the cleanup process.

gee whz said...

I agree that you killed it! I am still chortling at various lines from the ceremony. super good one. You should have it framed for the happy couple.

How have they successfully avoided a celeb couple name? MaxCamp?


Cody said...

I vote Campwell.