Monday, June 03, 2013

after the party it's the afterparty

Everyone who was at the !!! show on Friday knows that it was good, from the smallest baby to the gnarliest tweaker.  Amber and the dancers were awesome, and so were the McClatchy marching band dudes. I really felt like they were giving our city a gift.  The gift of Nic Offer in tiny shorts printed with a Rolling Stones album cover.  They are on a roll because of the new album and they deserve it. 

The impromptu pre-parties and afterparties were the funniest.  Flashmobbed Ella with probably the most scruffy crowd that's ever been there (stoked, not dissing), and then after somehow someone discovered that the upstairs back room at Grange was open but completely empty, a bunch of people took it over.  I overindulged mightily and didn't get to the after-after-party (which was at U street, not the hotel lobby), unfortunately.

Rick Kushman did a good cover story in SNR on Enotria. I have never eaten there because the prices are so steep.  I don't do a lot of fine dining, but I do a lot of mid level expensiveness dining that adds up to the same price in two or three meals, probably.  It's the same way that I'll buy a bunch of cheap crap but won't make the big purchases of stuff I need, like a vacuum that actually works, or a mink coat, or some really top-quality cocaine.  Oh hi, are you still reading?

My review is in there this week.  Doesn't matter how long I've been writing I still get a sinking feeling seeing my stuff in print.  Which is different from not thinking it's not good, cuz I do think it's not not good.  I gave it 3 1/2 stars again! I have to stop.  At least I gave Zia's four.

My Tyler the Creator thing was in there last week.  I got one piece of feedback that it seemed like I didn't like it, but I totally did and I hope that it was clear. 

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