Friday, May 31, 2013

chinotto of my dreams

!!! thing in today's Bee and Amber got a mention!! Can't wait to see Beyonce on stage again
 I went to Zia's yesterday in Davis.  Can I tell you how amazing this soda is?  Like the most delicious carbonated orange bitters, made with the myrtle-leaved orange.  Fuckkk. I don't know if they have it at the one in Sac but I hope so.
When I reviewed the meatball sub I wasn't sure how I felt because it was my first one at Zia's.  The acidic, thin sauce threw me off.  Now I am a huge fan.  I would have probably given Zia's another half star based on my love of this sandwich alone.  The meatballs are very fine-grained and soft. 

I got our tickets to Tokyo in the fall!  It's a direct flight from SFO, which I am very excited about.  Not sure yet which city we will fly back from.  Planning on flying back to Sac.  The reason we are flying out of SFO is because I used my British Airways frequent flyer miles to get the tickets, for 653 (the taxes and fees).  Jamattack first clued me in to this card a few years ago, and I used it for round trip to Copenhagen for 1100 at peak travel time, and then these two one-way tickets.  This has saved me an ton of money and none of it had to do with using the card, just with the intial miles I got from signing up.  As soon as we fly I'm cancelling it, since it has a 95 buck annual fee, which I think I've paid three times.  But still, saved money.


gee whz said...

This has nothing to do with the topics discussed in this post.


Anonymous said...

I want to know more about how you got to Tokyo with them?!?

beckler said...

it was only 50000 miles from sfo to tokyo for two tickets one way.