Tuesday, May 21, 2013

rap crap

It would be really weird to be friends with Drake because he'd constantly be rapping about how much he loves you and would die for you and shit.  What if you didn't like him as much as he liked you? And he was like "I'd die for you" and you were like, "yeah....me too" all unenthusiastically.  Awkward!  And he was saying all the time "no new friends" and then you made a crew of new friends and didn't want him to know.

Jay-z has an awesome rap in one of the songs on Thank Me Later:
I don't do much bloggin'
Run the city
Don't do much joggin

Cody said he's been enjoying the dirty south tracks I've posted, here's a recent one I like from Killer Mike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iMC6t_mEm4

And another track with him and Bun B, who's a southern legend. woah this is a mini-movie with boobs in it that references point break! T.I. in it and he is fine as usual



Anonymous said...

What'd you think of Yeezy on SNL?


beckler said...

you think I watch SNL? too busy livin' my life.

beckler said...

he has a good line in a drake song:
I'm Weezy but I'm not asthmatic

Anonymous said...

You think I watch SNL? Clips online:

(He's kinda going for this Death Grips meets Nine Inch Nails thing)



undercover caterer said...

Thumbs up for Ye

Shannon said...

Kanye was totally NIN! B, I am so excited about how much you know about ramp jamz. I don't know anyone else who has the killer mike album. So good. As an aside, V had never heard about TI until I dragged him to the show. Wah wah.

Shannon said...

Ramp jammz, rap jammz, whatevs.

Anonymous said...

"becky's really into rap lately."

-smiller in NYC

beckler said...

who are you quoting? yourself? I just took an 11 year break.

Shannon Killer Mike is playing in SF in July.

Scott Miller said...

I think that was Chapstick up there.

beckler said...

got it

Anonymous said...

I can't access the clip here at work, what Killer Mike song did you link to? Unless there's an Eazy-E zombie walking around I ain't heard about, or Ice Cube regained an ounce of credibility, Killer Mike is the best rapper alive.

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