Friday, May 10, 2013

beetle bailey?

 for those of you not on fb, this is my new profile picture courtesy of dp. love.
 can someone explain this beetle bailey to me?
 you can tell because his face is shooting off in droplets? is that his brain? is it sweat marks that were mistakenly colored in because that still doesn't make any sense
 destop setup
just random. This tshirt really scandalized me when I watched Teen Wolf ONE MILLION TIMES.  I had a huuuuge poster of  just a closeup of Michael J. Fox's face.

Jah help me I have 3 hours of safety classes today. Laser safety and chem/lab safety. I am so fucking safe!!!


DJ Rick said...

Your theme song for the day...

ninja said...

i think the general is supposed to be 'sweating booze' or its booze coming out his ears. Those Walker boyz are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Booze is coming out of his ears. It's a dated reference to being drunk.
You're Welcome

The (all things old-timey) Neighbor

beckler said...

Nobody knows booze like I know booze, and it ain't flesh-colored

I like the song of my day

beckler said...

thought provoking article about how food is replacing music for the youngs

Scott Miller said...

I'm sorry I slept in this morning & wasn't around to explain Beetle Bailey.

Anonymous said...

Beetle Bailey - "What are your rules on moshing?"
Sarge - "No rules. No Moshing"