Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sowing my wild hops

 I am psychic guys because Sunday morning right when I was waking up I dreamed that EC said, "I'm going to eat a cheeseburger today" then as I was finishing my coffee WB texted me "where should we get a hamburger? Cookie's is closed".  Before that he wanted to eat a banana split at Gunther's, natch.  Nationwide was closed too (how dumb what better way to honor America's fallen than with delicious burgers?) so I put forth the idea of Mexi-burger.
 524! Always open.  The elusive chile relleno burger in its natural habitat.  I made a guac burger.  This reminds me that recently a coworker sighed, "I'm sick of eating hamburgers" as if someone was forcing him to do it.
Chocolate soda foreground. Delicious although I must admit I expected something lighter, more like an egg cream.  Hot fudge sundae in the background. Classic!

On Saturday I spent a few minutes at the farmer's market and then 6 hours at LowBrau.  In that time I made plans with OC and NM to go to Burning Man, which seemed perfectly plausible at the time.  I also alienated a Bee reporter I had just met with some extreme boasting.  I was feeling my oats.  No actually I was feeling my hops.


Liv Moe said...

A couple months ago I dreamt I was eating a delicious cheeseburger and then the next day OMF and I got cheeseburgers at Dad's on J which were pretty darn good. A cheeseburger dream fulfilled is a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

The Gathering!


DJ Rick said...

This cheeseburger-focused post is revelatory to me now that I've returned from the desert because cheeseburgers are the only thing you can eat besides egg breakfasts between Barstow and Needles. There's not much Mexican food until you get to Needles. Although the cheeseburger at the "world famous" and delightfully janky Bagdad Cafe on Route 66 in post-apocalyptic Newberry Springs was quite good, we were dying for something different than burgers and omelets. "Just get me to any Asian restaurant...Even Panda," Melissa commanded. We pulled off the road in Delano because we needed gas. The first two "Asian" places were saw were called "Pluck Pluck House" (teriyaki chicken bowl specialty) and "Chow Mein Dish's" (hilariously bad use of possessive form).

Scott Miller said...

Gonna try to hit Chow Mein Dish's this weekend.

beckler said...

Hey Rick-
If you ever wanna rewrite that mexi-burger thing for edible, you can do it any time. PLEASE. Just make it 1000 words, cover 4-5 burgers. It doesn't have to be epic, although I know you tend towards the epic

DJ Rick said...

Smiller...if you're even half-serious about hitting up Chow Mein Dish's, hit me up. I saw too much stuff in Delano which I must photograph, and I gotta go back. Was thinking this weekend might be good.