Thursday, May 23, 2013

billionerd Vivek Ranadive

The Bee published a non-story today about biking drunk. Some of the statistics: 24 people in downtown/midtown were cited for it in the last 6 years.  Another one: in 2011, 210 cyclists were killed NATIONWIDE that had a BAC over .08. In a country of over 300 million that is like 7 or 8 zeros before 6 percent, I am a little rusty on multiplying percentages.  I'll take my chances! Plus, of those, how many of those people were wuh-asted? Probably a lot.

I do try not to bike wasted. I try not to get wasted in general.  It generally happens twice a year: Four Eyes Xmas and Halloween show.  I didn't bike home from the halloween show, so there ya go.

The Bee also published a hilarious story a few days ago about this Vivek Ranadive character.  It's about how he's not a nerd, according to him.  Dude, read this, I can't stop laughing!

Ranadive may not be as flamboyant, but like the Maloofs he has his glossy celebrity side. On Friday, he jokingly scolded Bee reporters for labeling him a "nerd" in earlier coverage.
"I am not a nerd," he said.
A photograph that ran alongside a profile of Ranadive in Esquire shows him dressed in a Rat Pack-style suit and sunglasses, lying on a raft in a swimming pool. In photos he posts on Twitter, Ranadive often flashes the "shaka" hand gesture (pinky and thumb extended, middle three fingers curled to the palm), a symbol of friendship in surfer cultures.
OMG the Bee has hit a new low in Kings coverage.  It also quotes someone as saying that he is so competitive that he would beat your grandma at tennis. Nice.
I also like how KJ has said that Cake would play at the Kings rally at Caesar Chavez today and instead they got ONE member of Tesla and that hack David Garibaldi.  Embarrassing.

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ninja said...

The Cake thing is hilarious. No one asked them to play, like they just assumed they'd do it.
The crew that is buying the Kings also just made a deal to buy the downtown mall. i can now some day hope to see John Cena at Sbarros while on my lunch break.

UFC event this weekend

Anonymous said...

C-Webb gonna rap.


Caroline said...

I hope that the Round Table servers read the Bee so they can relax on telling their customers to be careful biking home drunk. "You can get a DUI on a bike, too!"

ninja said...

A guy from Glee and an 'epic fusion of music and art?' how can this be missed?

from the bee

"And while there won't be a performance by homegrown rock band Cake - as Johnson initially promised - Chord Overstreet of TV's "Glee" and his father, acclaimed songwriter Paul Overstreet, will perform. Local rapper Alex Johnson will take the stage and Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon will perform the band's iconic "Love Song."

Finally, local performance painter David Garibaldi will be joined by the Kings Breakers in an "epic fusion of music and art," according to a press release announcing the event lineup.

DJ Rick said...

I'm hardly surprised by this laughable shortcoming of today's event. The marketing and event planning/production side of the Kings had fallen pretty badly in nearly direct correlation to the team's playing performance (further proof that sports organizations all fall from the top). The staff is still the same with the new ownership, but if Vivek "cleans house" of clown coaches, past-prime GM, and knucklehead players, they should also revamp the marketing and production people. Only the broadcast teams have managed to stay within sight of the league standard.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vivek Ranadive here. Meet me at the Southside Park tennis courts tomorrow at noon.


gee whz said...

Anyone familiar with John McRae's politics would know that Cake wasn't gonna play that show.

I am a bit exited about the dude from Glee, but I think I'll give it a miss.

I just slide on my ass down the stairs home from the Xmas show.


Scott Miller said...

Tomorrow's Bee actually has a revealing look inside the dangers of drunk stair-sliding.

ninja said...

someone is rapping in the park right now. I'm guessing its Cwebb since it includes the line "N-B-A".

Anonymous said...

"Anyone familiar with John McRae's politics would know that Cake wasn't gonna play that show."

I second this. Glad it was floppish. Idjits still gonna cheer for an artless downtown though.

The Neighbor

Anonymous said...

A different cast member from Glee is going to be at the Crest for an event this evening too!

I was at the Citizen Hotel for work and the park and surrounding areas were nuts. People lined up along the sidewalks wearing jerseys. My coworkers were talking about how hard the traffic was going to make it to get out of there. So we'll see how they like it when there's a stadium a few blocks away...


DJ Rick said...

Anyone ever see "The Air Up There"....the movie about a kid from a traditional tribe in Africa who gets recruited to play basketball in the USA? Must've been 20+ years ago now. In the previews which were ubiquitous for week, there was a line where the kid was wearing all this ceremonial headgear and beadwork, and he says "I want to be number one NBA draft pick", but he pronounces NBA as "Nooba". This just sneaked in right before the P.C. wire. When I see the letters "NBA", I still often reflect on that movie trailer....and I never seen the damn movie.

beckler said...

I think I did see that doc? Anybody ever see Hoop Dreams? Classic tearjerker.

I LOLed this morning at Weatherstone reading that Vivek's daughter sang with the dudes from Tesla. The dude at the counter asked me what I was LOLing at and when I told him was not amused.

Swiftumz (who lives in the Bay Area) was watching it on ESPN and texting about how funny it was. He said that next thing they would be asking the Bananas to play the national anthem.

Vivek, you are one cool dude. Shaka, bra

beckler said...

Davey when and what channel UFC?

ninja said...

I heard that lady singing the Tesla Song on the sport talk AM station. It was amazing.

UFC is on pay per view, also known as, download and watch the next day. I'm not sure when i'll watch it sunday.

DJ Rick said...

"The Air Up There" was not a doc. File under comedy. Like the basketball version of "Coming to America". The accent and bad English was over the top.

"Hoop Dreams" was really great.

ninja said...

heckabeck: Let me know if you want to watch the UFC thing on sometime on sunday.

Anonymous said...

Yargh.... Garibaldi is perhaps the most embarrassing thing Sacramento has ever produced - even worse than Zoppi- so that's saying something!