Thursday, May 09, 2013

comedians of comedy

omg, this is the funniest thing I've read in the Onion in years. And the whole article is funny!

Last night's comedy open mic at Bows was funny but too long! Ray Molina is the host and I told him that and he said he knows but that he cut four people and it was still too long and he gets shit from the comics for cutting anyone.  Nice story bro.  No Steven Ferris and that was a bummer. The main bit for at least three of the comics was getting dumped by their girlfriend recently. I like Ferris because he's just completely creative and isn't just narrating whatever happened to him that week and dick jokes.  Plus, people I don't care how fucking nervous you are you cannot read from notes!! This is not a powerpoint at work.  It saps the funny out of everything.

Tonight is Missy's night at old I.  I hope to go


Scott Miller said...

Pretending you didn't say "the funny".

beckler said...

i feel i used it in a more acceptable way


beckler said...

new poll at right

Anonymous said...

How did you end up marrying your biggest skeptic?


Liv Moe said...

you forgot the running cum/masturbation theme or does that go without saying?

beckler said...

oh yeah, the guy who came in his own face! i lump that in with dick jokes

I did not go to missy's night. after missing it three months in a row i should just admit i'm not going to go