Thursday, May 30, 2013


Ugh, I gotta get off fb!! That's it, I'm not checking it for the rest of the day! Unfortunately, my phone buzzes when something happens on there. I'm gonna have to turn my phone off.

Did you know that a band called Sam I Jam is opening for !!! tomorrow? Did you know that there are many, many excellent Sacramento bands who are not in this entire, huge series, not even as opening bands? Remember who is booking, according to SNR when the Jerry Perry scandal went down:

former 106.5 FM deejay Andy Hawk, former Local Licks host Mark Gilmore, Sac Shows promoter Justin Nordan, and musicians Jake Desrochers, Danny Secretion and Laith Kaos.

yeah. finger on the pulse.
 I got this duck salad at magpie last night and it was a mixed bag.  At first I was disappointed that the salad seemed undressed and the frisee was a little wilted (I used "my frisee is wilted" as a way to get out of sex all the time), but then I mixed it all up with the sweet, sweet duck juices at the bottom and it was, as the kids say, all good.  The duck itself was swag, as the kids also say. 


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that someone named Laith Kaos is out of touch.

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

Sam is swag. He puts on Le Twist. He's a deejay. Good guy.

But, yeah, CITP dudes shoulda had Screature or someone open.