Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It had to be Jew

Pretty exciting night last night...planted tomatoes, tomatillos, and basil in the garden, took a walk around my beautiful neighborhood, cooked a crapload of chard from the garden and the last of the lettuce, which all bolted. Watched intervention and hoarders on my computer.

I don't mind saying that I've been kinda depressed the last couple months because my new job is such a scary change and I guess I don't deal with change that well.  My life hasn't changed much in the last 7 or so years, and they were the happiest years of my life, so it's hard to leave that chapter behind, especially with 40 looming.  All in all, I'm absurdly lucky, especially when it comes to the best husband (and cat) in the world. 

So anyways, doing that stuff last night kinda represents an upturn after a couple of months of not enjoying the things I usually enjoy, which I'm stoked about.

I was looking up Woody Allen's description of "anhedonia" from Annie Hall to describe what I'm talking about, but when I found it I saw it's  pretty harsh and and doesn't really apply. But I found this golden bit of trivia:

Allen's working title for the film was "Anhedonia", a term for the inability to experience pleasure.[17][18] However, United Artists considered this unmarketable, as were Brickman's suggested alternatives: "It Had to Be Jew", "Rollercoaster Named Desire" and "Me and My Goy".[19] An advertising agency, hired by UA, embraced Allen's choice of an obscure word by suggesting advertising in tabloid newspapers using vague slogans such as "Anhedonia Strikes Cleveland".[19] However, Allen tried several titles over five test screenings, including "Anxiety" and "Alvy and Me", before settling on "Annie Hall


DJ Rick said...

The themes and mood of your walk and TV viewing yesterday was the exact opposite of mine. I toured all the areas around and behind Thrift Town where the homeless create nests to sleep, drink, and shoot drugs. I found a gap in a fence around an abandoned trailer park (just slabs) leading to a junkie grotto and the backside of the former Jon's Furniture store. It's crazy back there. Took a buncha photos and went home to watch something that was delightfully stupid.

Your post yesterday got me in the mood for gorditas. Such an underrated/overlooked menu choice by gavachos.

sarah said...

love this post + the annie hall trivia, of course!


Anonymous said...

alvy is a rad baby name idea


beckler said...

are you having a boy?

Anonymous said...

Kalopsia > Anhedonia

-Queen of Stone Age fan

beckler said...

I found a poetic little surprise in a safety document about acetone:

Odor: Fruity. Mint-like. Fragrant. Ethereal
Taste: Pungent, Sweetish

sounds like they are describing a wine

beckler said...

I was looking up the address of the Mexican place talked about below for my review and I just noticed that one of three reviews for it is a super good one by Rick! Pretty funny. We have a lot of similar observations but I swear I'm not plagiarizing! Gballs actually clued me in to it.

I gotta try the pambazo and the torta milanesa. Simple milanesa tortas are actually my fave, but in this case I felt compelled to order a fancier one. The lot of being a food reviewer!

beckler said...

that's awesome that rick called the torta "drama-free"

gee whz said...

Oh it is that place. When I went there was a mariachi band (with a lady mariachi! her voice really added to the traditional songs) playing to 3 people forever. They just kept going. They were blocking the way to the salsa bar and my waitress was about 12. Good time.