Friday, May 24, 2013

Spoiler alert!

This is why I write!! Read the comment.  The money is peanuts so never for the money.  Speaking of that, do you know I've been writing for 6 or 7 years or whatever and the money for stuff has never gone up at all.  Sorry SNR, but I happen to know that I am making the same amount for reviews that someone made like 8-9-10 years ago.  The recession is not over, exactly, but I can see you got your weed ads back. Editors, I am not blaming you.

 Speaking of reviews and the reason why I write, I heard that Zia's has my review laminated and taped to the counter. Brings a tear to the eye. Perhaps I'll eat at the one in Davis today.

Thanks to the neighbor for organizing the drive inn trip! We tried to eat at the Korean place Sulzip Ann becuase cheese corn (cheese and corn on a sizzling platter) went from a novely to me to something I was craving.  Closed down.  So we ate at Mo Du Rang nearby and the banchan was really good but not the rest.  Gummy seafood pancake, as usual, and tough spare ribs.  AND Greg Lucas had reviewed it (curse you GL), which I was later glad about cuz I would have shelled out for the whole dinner and then decided why review a mediocre Korean restaurant

As for the movie: It was awesome when Spock yelled (spoiler alert!! hence I will put a page break here)
Khannnnn!!!!!! But he didn't yell it long enough I think we can all agree.  That plot was fucking incomprehensible.  But it was fun.  Sorry I didn't say bye I was pretty cold and I got confused.

What's goin on this weekend? I have friends in town and I can feel that there will be a lot of hanging and daydrinking.


DJ Rick said...

Lotsa Kings fans at yesterday's rally were totally ripping on David Garibaldi...especially when he came out a 2nd time. It did reek of last-minute planning in some spots--especially the talent that performed--but it was about 50% less lame than I thought it was gonna be. Mainly just because people were stoked and happy. I saw the "Sign Lady" wrinkle her nose up to sniff as a group of hip hop youth exuding blunted blazedness passed by. I think I saw the corner of her mouth turn up just a little.

I made some friends outta these people... ...and otherwise got some funny pictures of ridiculous superfanatics and some cute kids.

I was wondering what's going on this weekend, but now we're going to Barstow thanks to a Huell Howser rerun that made it look AMAAAAAZINGGG!!

Anonymous said...

That must have been one hell of California's Gold, cause Barstow is the worst. There's a good taco truck tho.


yolkie said...

Point Break in the backyard!

Anonymous said...

Actually,I think the taco truck I'm thinking of is in Victorville.


gee whz said...

That's an awesome comment. I am so glad the Midmo archives are still up.



Anonymous said...

A-Town beckons! That's rad, I bet they were so shocked to get out-of-town press! I walked past the Pampered Pup just last night and briefly thought about going in, but didn't. I'll give them some sympathy patronage soon.