Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I went to see Danny Brown in Oakland last night.  Typically off the chain, although the ladies were MUCH more subdued. No twerking in sight.  I can't help it I think this song is super funny. This video is weird and Danny Brown is not in it.  He did it last night. He had the funniest style last night of just black jeans and then a black tee that was as long as a dress.  There was so much weed smoking it was insane and kind of sucked cuz I was designated driver and I didn't wanna stink

OK, this song is like a cancer on our nation and fuck Rick Ross anyways.  Last night the DJs played it TWICE at the show and then I went to Grimey for a sec just to see what the fuck it was when we got back to Sac and he played it again. It also got played at Tyler the Creator.  So stupid.  You're a badass cuz you got drunk and woke up in a new million dollar car? Yeah right.

Chief Keef is also everywhere, which I like.  Probably three of his songs played at DB last night and a couple at Grimey in the 20 minutes I was there.  He's 17 and just got off probation and got arrested again yesterday.  He better hope it goes on his juvenile record or he's gonna be like Lil Wayne and spend time in prison

DB has been touring with Kitty Pryde, who Scott told me about and said she was the worst thing.  I kinda agree but kinda is fun to hate listen.  And the next step after that is liking it.

the opener was Overdoz and they were really good live but seem kinda mixed as far as recorded


DJ Rick said...

I cram to understand your recent hip hop fascination. I've not been keen on too much hip hop since being disappointed by the 2nd J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. album 23 years ago, and EPMD also took a big dip that year, too.

Anonymous said...

that bugoti song is simply the worst thing in cultural history. not least because he rhymes "hatians" with "races".

love that kitty pryde song. mostly because of the music. her freestyles are cringe-inducing on the other hand.

Anonymous said...

i cram to understand people's fascination with rock and roll. i lost interest when the big bopper's second record wasn't as good as the first.

beckler said...

sorry, rick, if you were ever into conscious hip hop then we don't see eye to eye. i like unconscious hip hop, just pure flowing id.

the only exception was tribe called quest, but i was never even down with de la soul. ok, gang starr might qualify?

DJ Rick said...

You can probably tell the J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. went to college, but I don't think they were conscious about anything besides a Long Island superiority complex. Other than that, I did like Public Enemy and the first B.D.P. album (and moments from the 2nd), but especially for the production. Clever wordplay and crazy individualistic flows or synergistic tag-team flows plus solid samples were my thing. Also, the 2nd Steady B album was great (expect for a few of KRS-One's terrible ad-libs).

I was robbed by Mac Dre's Romper Room Gang at my first job as a teenager at a pizza place. Ordered at gunpoint into a walk-in refrigerator. Maybe that's when I started to nearly completely turn my back on hip hop. It wasn't 'til Chino XL's Here to Save You All that I took occasional notice again.

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