Monday, May 06, 2013


 I was completely inspired by Sacramento and the ladies I know there this weekend.  Sacramento is really getting pretty amazing.  New Edible issue out and it looks beautiful.  OK, so Ryan D. is not a lady, but he's still inspiring. Ran into him at the Good Market and got to introduce him to Steve Hansen and give him the new issue. Hansen's a fan. More after the jump

 These photos are all out of order but on Sunday I accepted AR's kind offer to come with her to the Burlington Hotel in Port Costa, site of many crazy times for me in the past.  We actually stayed in Margaret, not Bertha
 The foyer with flocked wallpaper
 Now we're skipping to Good Market, which is monthly, and which is pretty cool.  It's about half vendors/half food.  This is a kombucha wagon. I had a lemongrass one and I liked that it was only slightly tart.  Wasn't happy to pay 10 bucks for Mama Kim's falafel. Isn't the deal that food trucks are supposed to be cheaper than restaurants?
 skipping now to a visit to Stake Down with SB, the temporary model homeless camp. This is Sister Libby, the Loaves and Fishes lady
 oh yeah, and then Saturday was the new Midtown Farmer's Market! I am so excited to have a walkable one! I got locally canned tuna (?), expensive soap, and some fruit, and some delicious Temple coffee made by a little booth called The Mill that just started that very Saturday! They are very cute and I wish them well.  That is such a step up from the crappy airpot coffee at the Sunday one.  Anyways, another great thing about this market is that you can shop, eat, and then go to LowBrau for a beer.  Logsdon sour saison.  Run, don't walk to get one of these.  Again, lightly tart, refreshing, and delicious
 look at this magnificent beast
 started my Saturday off right
 more Burlington hotel. This painting comes alive at night and whispers your name
 more Stake Down.  Libby said peaceful and no incidents. The city were busting their chops at every turn so I'm glad they were able to do it anyway
folks at Stake Down doing origami. I can see what the city was so afraid of.  This is really out of control


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised ol' Marcos Breton didn't show up and rage down on the Stake Down! BTW, anyone else notice that he subbed out his tubby Marcos byline pic in the Bee for a new, improved skinny Marcos? Journos seldom swap their pics; it's not vanity, though, just keeping it real.

As Marcos knows: That ostensibly chill origami game's one fold away from going full-on riot!


beckler said...

I appreciate his life lessons about losing weight and not handing sandwiches out to the homeless. perhaps he is worried about their weight as well?

undercover caterer said...

That mirror picture freaked me out, it looked like the hallway in The Shining.

Liv Moe said...

Edible's new cover is great!