Wednesday, June 19, 2013

juice! juice! juice!

Curse you, Rick Ele! You got me thinking about Apatzingan enchiladas, with their delicious tartness and light amount of cheese (cotija?) inside.  We went out there and turns out on Tuesday it randomly closes at 3?@ WTF? It doesn't do this any other day.  We had enchiladas on the brain, not tacos, so we dithered about where to eat.  I had been to Caballo Blanco once over ten years ago, and I thought, why not?  They had flour tortilla chips, just like I remembered which are meh. Ketchup-y salsa just like its sister restaurant, the terrible El Novillero.  I saw the prices and then remembered Bugambilias exists, but we had already eaten a couple of chips and it was too late. If I'm going to pay 13 bucks for a big plate of Mexican-American style food, I would just get the chile verde at Tres Hermanas which I think is the bomb.  I got a chile relleno and chicken enchilada.  The enchilada was ok, but the chili relleno was giant and puffy with too much tasteless breading.  At least I have lunch leftover.

Has anyone ever had a fresh chile relleno in Sac? Like one that's fresh-fried and puffy? I don't understand why every single restaurant obviously nukes them.  I've made them and you steam and stuff the chiles first so all you have to do is dip them and fry them.  It's no more trouble than any other dish.  My mom once made shrimp-stuffed ones during shrimp season in Mazatlan and they were fucking delicious.

I juiced kale for the first time, due to a podcast I listened to about L.A.'s juicing obsession.  A few drips of juice came out from a bundle of dino cale and then I threw in some parsley we had sitting around, too and then a bunch of carrots, beets, cucumber and apple. It was good, but I kind of don't get the juicing thing because aren't you just discarding every bit of fiber? Seems wasteful.  It's a vitamin thing, right?


beckler said...

ps, finally really watched DJ Whores at work last night (I still HATE that name), and he's pretty incredible. I thought he was just a laptopper but then I noticed he also uses records and mixes with those and I don't know a bunch of other stuff that keeps him constantly in motion. He mixed in a bit of David Banner's "Play" which I have been listening to this week.

Anonymous said...

I love the chips at Caballo Blanco! Must be a matter of taste. Like I have it and you don't. zing! If I were to recommend one dish there it would be the enchiladas suiza. I agree it's a little on the high end for price, but we usually share a plate which is plenty of food and they don't charge extra to share.

beckler said...

that's what scott got! I prefer Tres since it's our local but we can all agree that sometimes giant plates of Mexican-ish food are just what you need

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely on the juicing thing. You're not getting any of the fiber and when you juice fruits that means it's almost all sugar.

I can understand doing it to vegetables a little more, since they're generally lower in sugar and it allows you drink the equivalent of two pounds of Kale.

But who really knows if some truly beneficial compounds aren't being wasted in the leftovers?


Caroline said...

You definitely lose the fiber but saying "it's almost all sugar" dismisses all the excellent vitamins that are still found in fruits and veggies.

Liv Moe said...

I've seen recipes for the pulp that remains on the internet. Mostly zucchini bread type concepts.

The chile verde at Caballo Blanco is the only thing I get there and it's damn good and totally splitable. No idea on the rest of the menu tho.

undercover caterer said...

My grandfather was a doctor and thought drinking juice was stupid for the same reason--you lose all the fiber.

Bummer: Bugambilias or however you spell it is not there any longer. I tried to find it a couple of weeks ago.

I like the chilequiles at CB but that's pretty much all I ever eat there.

There are enchiladas Azpdkajtk (I forgot what it's called) on Franklin.

Lastly, I think you should continue to blog. Though I am obviously not following my own advice.

Anonymous said...

So smoothies are the way to go?
kale margaritas?

Anonymous said...

I think that's why people like the Vitamix so much. Everything gets blended in rather than a lot of the good stuff getting separated out like with a juicer.


beckler said...

I went to Apatzingan on franklin to get the enchiladas and it had closed early! Still craving them, and maybe a molcajete.

Vitamix, you say? I will look into it if I stay on the juicing train, because I definitely do not get enough vegetables in my diet, except maybe during tomato season.

ninja said...

tomatoes are fruits, arent they?

Vitamix is a brand of super high powered blenders. They destroy all the seeds in things like strawberries. They're great for throwing stuff like kale into fruit smoothies. Also, they can split atoms and cook soup!

Anonymous said...

Smoothies are the best.


beckler said...

oh I've seen that infomercial about the soup!