Tuesday, June 25, 2013

doves: round 2

We have our second round of doves nesting outside our back door.  Poor mom and pop are taking turns keeping the eggs warm in the rain.  It's hard out there for a dove.

Overall this is a fair review of LowBrau and I know the owners agree and are going to use the criticism constructively HOWEVER, the passage sort of dinging them that Green Flash Rayon Verte and Duchess de Bourgogne don't GO TOGETHER is effing ridic.  Who ever said that two beers you order at the same time are obligated to go together? That's kind of not a thing any more than you would open two bottles of wine and expect them to go together.  His point is that the servers aren't that helpful, but I don't know what I would say about beers that go together and I can't believe that even without guidance that he would try to pair a sausage with a really sweet beer like the Duchess.  So gross!  Sours maybe pair with cheese or something and that's about it. The dude writes a beer column.


beckler said...

just found out the library on campus has a whole section of grateful dead books

The Armeniac said...

The UC system really comes through sometimes.

beckler said...

Deadhead Social Science chapters:
Deadheads and Dichotomies: Mediated and Negotiated Readings

Self concept and ego extension among Grateful Dead fans

An Eriksonian Perspective on the journey through Deadhead adulthood

Anonymous said...

You do know that the Dead donated their archive to the Special Collections department at UC Santa Cruz's McHenry Library? The guy who manages it supposedly wrote his PhD dissertation about them.

beckler said...

I did hear that. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great call!

I was bothered by that part of the review as well.

Was he drinking both brews at the same time and swishing them in his mouth? Confusing.


DB said...
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