Thursday, June 26, 2014


Lil Debbie was fun. She is just ok. She rapped along with herself on the tracks so that was kind of dumb. The vaporizing going on in the room was insane. It's all anyone uses no, you don't smell any weed. I actually like that.

The bananas are playing the Burger Bugaloo in Oakland on July 5th. I do feel that the Bananas get slighted a bit when they play in Sac, so I would like to let you read the description on the Burger site and note that they are playing on a festival bill with No Bunny, La Sera, Personal and the Pizzas, Ronnie Spector, the Oh Sees among others. Here's what the website says:

Sometimes operating under the moniker DIY TIL EYE DIE, The Bananas are Sacramento, California's best and worst kept secret. This power trio consisting of Mike, Marie, and Scott Banana will always be the best band to rock any party on the face of the planet.

Tickets are on sale but they are not cheap.


Anonymous said...

I am always at a Bananas show in Sac, I am always stoked, I am always sad to hear how they feel slighted in Sac and thus don't play here.

I don't think I just speak for myself.


Anonymous said...

That said, I wish I could go to that show but I have other plans.
It looks really rad.


yolkie said...

In general, locals don't support and cherish most of the good things we do have in Sacramento. All I know is that every time I see the Bananas play here I feel lucky to be witnessing it. There is hardly ever a show I am more stoked to see. I mean, I don't know who is slighting them. You are preaching to the choir right now. And I will probably spend $35 I don't have just to see them play on the 5th.

beckler said...

There are definitely people that are stoked, it's just that people go buck wild in the bay and l.a. I should clarify I'm not speaking for them necessarily, just that the shows aren't as crazy because people aren't raging and crowd surfing and stuff. San Pedro is a crazy scene. I brought up the Bananas to one of the Susans and she talked about how she grew up on a cassette of theirs and saw them a few times including at awesomefest and knows Pedro peeps. Secret Bananas love pops up pretty often. The Memories singer is a huge fan too.

beckler said...

I'm not singling out anyone who goes but doesn't go crazy. I don't go buck here either because you really need a critical mass of people going buck to go buck. One person going buck usually indicates a tweaker.

Cody S. said...

If Jay's idea of modular venue walls were to become a thing, people would go crazier. The Bananas shows I've been to that have been the most fun and people got into the most have been packed (house shows, Gilman street). The amount of people doesn't matter, it the how packed in those people are. That show on Tuesday is solid proof of this.

Anonymous said...

boo. hoo.

Anonymous said...

Actually it matters how much fun I am having. I am a big fan of going buck. I try and hold it to at least 10% over those around me.
I actually scared someone in front of me at a show last week.
Move it Stipe, Buck comin through.

Just kidding of course I am not totally selfish, just mostly.

I think there should be a kickstarter for Jay Bakers Modular Venue and fun house.


Scott Miller said...

Just the other day we were in the Bananas jet, flying over Sac on the way to our month-long Portland residency, and I thought "hmmm, maybe one day we'll play Sac again...if the money is right".

beckler said...

the bananas are trying to organize a sac show with death grips.

modular venue is perfect. it would be great for djing as well