Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I never, ever, ever thought I'd say this but....I might go to Forever 21 and buy some cheap-o cutoffs. When cutoffs at stores started happening I always thought: what kind of idiot would buy cutoffs at a store? Young people, that's who.

I mean, the thrift stores were full of jeans that were too short for me and could be cut off! I never would have believed I would stop thrifting, but I have almost entirely. Spent a couple of hours doing it this weekend and emerged with an expensive, vintage, handmade wool blazer with a fur collar and soft lining - it fits perfectly. Obviously that is a good thing but it's rarely hot enough here for me to wear that and it cost 40 bucks. I could have gotten something more practical new for that amount of money.

Back to the point: the cutoffs I have from vintage shorts are all mom jeans with uncomfortable high waists. The only ones I like are a pair from h and m from like 12 years ago that I cut off from my favorite jeans and they are literally falling apart. We are getting into pockets hanging out territory and I am no Britney Spears. Ladies: what are your thoughts about this?

A couple of spectacular Witch Room shows are coming up: Sonny and the Sunsets and the Memories this Sunday, and Life Stinks, Trashies, and Rad on July 2nd. Can't wait to see Rad!!!!!!!

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DJ Rick said...

Life Stinks are awesome. I'm sorry I'll be outta town. It's got a killer Flipper meets Velvets kinda vibe. Even though it's pretty scungy and lurchy, there's actually a catchy pop song at the core of each song. Their album that Soriano put out last year was absolutely awesome. A couple songs had saxophone on 'em, and they still sound to me as if they should rate as the greatest moments of sax on a rock record since Funhouse by the Stooges. I definitely hope I don't nap through Sonny & the Sunsets!