Thursday, June 26, 2014


I didn't even know that Cockeyed, one of the internet's early great websites (which still holds up), is a going concern until CM posted a link on facebook to a recent post about measuring decibel levels at local restaurants. So I checked it out for the first time in years and found that this interview with Rob Cockerham was just published a few days ago. It really brought me back to all the glory days. I happen to have a photo of him from back in the day when he put up a golden banana in the downtown plaza that stayed up there forever! Peruse the website. There is so much hilarious content. Check out the photos on this classic - you just might see yourself!


beckler said...

I'm dying laughing at a prank where he had people post signs on garden sheds at home depot all over the country that said things like "guaranteed not haunted for 3 years" "clothing optional" and "explore your private desires"

Anonymous said...

I am having such a hard time reading an article that continues to call him Robert.
Also Corbyn left out on of the siblings, she says 4 kids not 5. Now I am imagining a world with one less Cockerham and it seems unbalanced. Or maybe balanced in a way that we have never known.
Do you see how sweet my butt looks in how much is in a print cartridge?