Friday, June 27, 2014

perfect ballet flats

Ladies! I have finally find the perfect ballet flats! (that I can afford) I have been suffering in J. Crew ones trimmed with ribbons that are rough on the feet and cut too wide on the sides in a way that looks stupid. I found some Sam Edelman ones at Nordstrom and they are soft inside and out and basically feel like a comfort shoe. They wore in in one day. They have a little logo tag on top with a bow that looks cute. the only annoying thing is the embroidery on the side and it is barely noticeable. I have a black pair and am going to buy a navy pair. This is not a paid advertisement.


beckler said...

wow they come in a bunch of colors and black velvet and even really pretty flower prints

Scott Miller said...

Uh oh:

"..basically feel like a comfort shoe"

Anonymous said...

When I think of comfort shoes I think of Larry's Comfort Shoes and their commercials starring Peja!

After basically wrecking my foot in high wedges this winter, I have to be a little more selective with footwear lately. Thank goodness for Birkenstocks coming back into style again. All I'm missing is an old Volvo with a KVIE sticker and after writing that out, it doesn't sound like a bad look for me.

Really, I do appreciate tips on stylish and comfortable footwear (that are not Crocs because I already have a pair of those and that is all one person should have, if any).