Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vivian Maier

So I see the ladeez don't have any thoughts they'd like to share on cutoffs. Scott thinks I just need to look through vintage jeans more but not only do I like thrifting but I have always hated looking through jeans the most. Usually I rely on Scott to find them for me.
I saw Locke last night and loved it! Any movie with a tight focus on Tom Hardy's face for 90 minutes as his voice soothingly speaks is enough for me. But seriously it had the feel of a play and I really liked it. It should be staged as a play.  DO NOT see that horrible Tom Cruise movie tho.
I'm really happy that I've seen three movies this week and am going to see the Vivian Maier (see above) documentary tomorrow at the Varsity.


Anonymous said...

I love thrift store shopping when I have the patience for it. When you find your gem, it feels great. But when you walk away empty-handed it can be so discouraging.

But cut-offs. I like longer ones. I can't hang with super short ones where like the pockets hang out. They look great on some people, but for me, my thighs rub together and that bunches all the fabric up in a seriously uncomfortable way.

Anyway, I do like modern high waist styles. I've been seeing them around a while and I have some high jeans I love.

I'm a sucker for thinking I can pull these off at this length, but Madewell has the most stylish high-waist denim shorts right now. I have not tried these on and the reviews are mixed, but dang. They look modern and throwback, and probably pretty comfortable. They are not thrift store cheap though.

I just saw that they have a longer pair. My thighs would probably be more comfortable in those.


beckler said...

I totally don't want super short. I doubt if anything at forever 21 would be long enough for me after all I'm not forever 21 or even forever 31.

ugh, I just went to sign up for the uc davis train pass program and I was reminded that it would be 16 dollars a day and that you don't even get the two measly complimentary parking permits if you just get the 10-ride pass. This is contrasted to the 6 dollar a day (total) tickets during fix 50, which they for some reason rescinded 7 days before they were supposed to expire so I couldn't even get my last 5 days.

There you go, back to driving 50 miles a day by myself 5 times a week. I blame davis and amtrak

Anonymous said...

Wait, but DB said to go see the horrible Tom Cruise movie?!


wburg said...

Maybe when Vivian retires she can open a boutique for hip clothing in sizes intended for women in their 40s and 50s who want to look cool, and call it "Forever 39."

Saw the Vivian Maier photo exhibit at the Chicago Museum a couple years ago. Supremely thoughtful stuff, as someone who enjoys walking city streets and observing urban grit I really enjoyed the exhibit.

Anonymous said...

I hate high waisted jeans. (on myself, I think they look nice on the right ladies) and as a product of the 90's I like my shorts knee length so therefore and henceforth I always cut off my own jean shorts so they can be the right length and prefer low rise or men's jeans for this (more 90's fashion)

Anonymous said...

But I'm not judging your choice to buy shorts! What Forever 39 working woman has time to thrift for everything? Not me.

beckler said...

I am good with mid thigh. maybe upper 3rd quadrant of thigh. I will work on this problem. I also like j crew knee length work short type shorts with loafers and a button up for a preppie look.

DB said...

Never trust a critic.

undercover caterer said...

I found decent jean shorts that were not cut offs (easily converted to cut offs, just cut of the bottom) at the Gap outlet. I was shocked but I like 'em and they were pretty cheap.