Wednesday, June 25, 2014

bumpin bumpin

I was hating on Sac a bit for poor attendance of the WR show last night and then we got turnt up Sac-style and I was in love all over again. The Susans are the Sac-est band from LA. The drummer said "I'm from Austin and we love to chant and do random countdowns so I feel at home". I know, it was a Tuesday night show, so I shouldn't have been hating anyway.
LL can you send me that video of 2014 to post?
Lil Debbie is tonight. I am pretty whatever on her but I heard she was fun last time and it's 5 bucks. My first time in the grown n' sexy nightclub District 30! Out of the White Girl Mob of Vnasty, Kreayshawn and her she is my least favorite, with Kreayshawn being first of course. The first time I heard this (before she blew up, somehow saw it randomly) I was like wha??!?!?


Cody S. said...

That was the Sac-est show I've been to in a long time (not including Four Eyes Christmas and Halloween Shows). Totally worth being hella tired today.

Anonymous said...

Last night was exactly what I love about Sac. This is a town where you have to make your own fun and that's totally what went down.

I am dying of exhaustion today but so glad I didn't leave early last night. I took a couple of pictures of 2014's growing stage crowd before I got up there. Do you want them?

Coyote Ugly!


beckler said...


I never thought I would slow motion mosh to the Cranberries "Zombie" once in my life, let alone twice

Only in Sac!