Monday, June 09, 2014

long time no see

As you can tell if you've been checking, I've been super busy. I doubt if I've ever gone so long without blogging without being on vacation, not even during one of my many dramatic declarations that I was ending heckasac.
I got a story published in the Bee! I almost feel like I can retire from writing, especially since I have been too busy to do jack shit for foodways. I am kind of kidding but not really. Besides the difficulty of hooking up the interview with the professor, this article was a pleasure to write.
I have been working at UCSF and Bodega Bay which has been fun but like 13+ a day. I got to roll in a white Chevy with "UC Davis Safety Services" printed on the side so you know I've been feeling cool as hell.  Also ate at Bar Agricole which I recommend. Cool place and I've been loving rum agricole since VA tipped me off to it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Bee piece- that's great!


DB said...

Becky, that's fantastic to hear, great article!

beckler said...

thanks. I hope to do maybe one every couple of months.

Caroline said...

Becky, what a fantastic article! Good job, dude.