Thursday, August 19, 2004

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dascrest said...

Random comments.

It was Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor that a plane crashed into way back in 1972. I don't think a plane has crashed into Chuck E. Cheese, although my memory is on the fritz.

I ate at Famous Kabob a couple times with a girl I used to go out with. One time, long before we went out, she ate there and her sister was eating with their dad. Dad & Sister were sitting next to each other in a booth holding each other, and they wouldn't recognize the girl I went out with. She's always assumed her sister sleeps with her dad and this was further proof for her incest theory. There's 3 sisters in that family and no brother, so it's not who you're thinking of. I liked the food though, and the staff was really nice.

I've read Crash, Empire of the Sun, the Drowned World, and the Atrocity Exhibition. I haven't seen any of his movies, but I like what I've read. Empire of the Sun is my favorite of his, by the way. I rented it but got too drunk to watch it. The Drowned World is sci-fi with a neat premise about the earth heating up and people de-evoluting. The story is so-so, but it is his first novel, I think. Phoebe Gloeckner, the girl that drew the cover of the Atrocity Exhibition, has met Ira Luna Ferguson, and she occasionally emails me updates about him.

Mister Ferguson wrote a book called "25 Good Reasons Why Men Should Marry" and it includes chapter titles like "Chapter 39: How and When Should a Man Beat His Wife?" and "Chapter 35-2: Women Need to Talk a Lot". He used to dig graveyards at night to work his way through college (another book title) and isn't as creepy as you'd think a wife-beater would be. He's dead now, by the way.

And even though you haven't mentioned William Shatner, he's a Canadian and a Jew. If only he'd remake Slapshot or Strange Brew (a movie based on Hamlet, by the way).

All of which means, why don't you allow anonymous comments? This would've been much better if you did.