Wednesday, August 04, 2004

This just in-rich guy worried he won't make more money!

The Maloofs, through the president of their sports and entertainment company, warned today in the Bee that the city is jeapordizing talks by putting a cap on the spending and saying that the Maloofs have to pay for half. Local developer Tony Giannoni is worried (seriously, who the fuck is this guy and why should I care if he is spending sleepless nights fretting about whether this deal is going to go through?) and said, ""I believe that setting the terms of negotiations in public, which is what's happened, will only lead to the failure of negotiations in private," . Wait a goddamn minute, why should there be ANY private negotiations? This is a public issue. If the Maloofs wanted to privately buy the property and privately pay for it and privately build the arena then they're entitled to negotiate in private. However, if they want the city and county to pay for any of it, then it is a decidedly public issue.

Anyway, the city council meeting is tomorrow. I am going to go, and try to make signs if I have time, but I probably won't have time.

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