Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kings sign a Jew! I'm plotzing!

The Kings signed David Bluthenthal as a backup for Peja. He previously led his team to the Eurocup championships for the Maccabi Tel Aviv team. The website for this team even mentions that he is Jewish but didn't travel to Israel until he was 17. I think it's really weird that they mention his religion, but the team logo has a Star of David on it. That's Israel for you!

Harsh words from King's fans in letters to the Bee: "As Peja prepares for the arrival of his child in a few weeks, he may want to consider getting some diapers and bottles for himself, especially since his baby security blanket has decided to move to Los Angeles." oh, snap!

There is an article in the Bee today about a UC Davis pilot program in which a doctor can visit you without interrupting his golf game by using a robot with a TV screen for a head. The article goes on to say "Ellison said an earlier trial of the robot at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore found that when the robot was added to usual postoperative care, patients of all ages were more satisfied than were those who did not have the robot visit them after surgeries". I've seen enough movies to know that this will end badly for the human race.

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