Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Devendra Banheart + R. Kelly?!?

Blogger is sucking it today. This post will probably try to erase itself. Ha, it did but I had copied it! I win!

I haven't written about any city planning stuff in a while, things seem to be heating up in the last few days. Evil Republican congressman Doug Ose who (surprise!) is filthy rich and owns a large portion of the land that the city wants to use in their scheme to finance the arena has weighed in and says he's not so sure he's going to go along with it. He and a couple of other land-0wning dissenters own about 20% of the land that the city plans to re-zone. He said that the city is being vague about how much, where, and when. That's because they have no actual plan. He said that the landowners are being asked to shell out millions to get this vague plan onto the ballot, with no guarantee that it will pass. That makes sense. This guy is so rich that he can wait until they zone his land for development, which could take a long time without the arena (oh, excuse me, arena and arts)plan. If he waits he gets to keep all the money. Also, there's an article in the Bee today about how the city is giving some property owners on K street an ultimatum in which they develop, or else. Eminent domain was even mentioned! Is that legal? It seems crazy that they could force the owners to develop. And do they get to decide? Let me guess, Starbucks, yes, sex shop no, and the city will seize your property.

So I guess with this new firefighter thing, I can't blame the Bee for stickin' it to em. After all, they've been stickin' it to each other! On the job!

In music news, the Fiery Furnaces EP is Fucking Fantastic! They're coming to SF on tour in April. If you like medlies, you're in luck. Did you catch the little Devendra Banheart item on Pitchfork where he mentions that R. Kelly came to his party? This is the weirdest thing I've ever heard. I want to know more. And Sacto's own Justin Vandervolgen will be DJing in SF on thursday night at a club called Mighty at 119 Utah st. As I was checking their calendar, I noted that Francois K is djing the next day.

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