Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Paris Hilton in panties. Yawn.

This link is mostly for Michael, but if anyone wants to see the Paris Hilton video that Vincent Gallo shot, go here: Click on the link on the word "is" and you'll go to it. For people at work, she's in her underwear, not naked, but it is a little racy.

There's a show at Tonevendor tonight that seems interesting. Some South American band or something? Starts at 7:00, link here: I checked the Tonevendor top 20 and I haven't heard of any of the bands on it.

Another interesting fact: my blog is now getting a lot of hits because of Miller's mention of the kid in the Osama t-shirt. If you search for this picture, depending on the combination of words you search with, you may end up with my page as the first hit. Weird.

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