Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Go Hornets!

I saw Coach Carter last night and it's no Friday Night Lights. In fact, it sucked. Heavy-handed, long-winded and over two hours long. I am tired today cuz I got to sleep late due to watching this movie. Curse you, Coach Carter! The best part is when one of the players tells Ashanti that he just got a scholarship to Sac State and hands her a Sac State t-shirt. Isn't Sac State's b-ball team like the opposite of undefeated (which I guess would be defeated)? The other best part is that Ashanti's character gets an abortion cuz she's pregnant with no way to support the baby. I figured the director would be scared of the issue and pull the whole "she got in a minor car accident and was OK but the baby miscarried" trick to avoid being picketed.

Does anyone else think the Pitchfork re-design sucks? I can't find the reviews or tell which ones are new and I think that Suicide girls shit is horrible. Why not just advertise Penthouse on your site? Oh yeah, it's not sexist cuz the girls have tattoos and ugly dreads. I forgot. I hope to get the new Fiery Furnaces ep, though. Tonevendor has it.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the Sac State portion of your blog. Kids at school are giving Coach Carter two thumbs up. The collective 9th grade review calls it, "inspirational".

All right. I hate the new pitchfork layout. And I hate the suicide girls 'cause when I'm in the teacher's lounge and I want to check out Pitchfork I feel like a perv. Thats a perv in the teacher's lounge, mind you. The worst kind of perv of 'em all.

Also, notice that Phylis and Molly are "new" members of Out Hud?

-Heckamax hatin' on Suicide Girls