Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend Report

Man, the Kings looked pretty sorry last night, but being the lassez fair Kings fan that I am, I enjoyed watching the game because the Spurs looked so good. Ginoble was amazing and his new, improved biceps don't hurt with the eye-candy factor.

I missed out on the partying and psychedelic munching on friday night, so I didn't get to hear anyone utter the phrase "tripping balls" and I didn't get to find out if I can handle psychedelic drugs better than I used to, when I would invariably freak out. However, I did get to try the new, improved Taka's, and had a really nice dinner. We scanned the menu for the elusive "avocado scallop" and failing to find it, we settled for a roll that contained avocado and scallop. Is this a special item, only for those in the know? The roll was fried and tasted good. The edamame was free, there were no hotties in sight (besides Grace and I of course and we were sizzlin' in our one-shouldered tankers that said "byatch" and "i stole brad", our tightest seven jeans, and our platform white flip-flops), and the sushi dudes were not screaming and leering. A more pleasant environment than Nishiki or Mikuni, needless to say. Later we saw The Assassination of Richard Nixon, which was pretty good but mostly notable within this blog because some scenes were filmed at the Sac International(sorta) Airport with local extras.

Saturday night there were two different Sac-tacular shows in Davis and I went to both. The Four Eyes tore it up at the G-street pub, where their renditions of Ben Casey 1-6 were cracking me up, especially in Ben Casey 6 where Jay's backup vocals of "Ben Casey 6, he is having sex, Ben Casey 6 in dimension 6" rang throughout the pub. The Four Eyes played first, so we drove over to the DISC (Davis Indoor Sports Center). This is a bizarre place out by itself on a frontage road. The parking lot was packed with giant trucks, and when you step inside the smell assaults you. The whole place smells like a jock strap (umm...not that I would know what that smells like but if you happen to have any used ones laying around, send them to me because I know a guy that would pay good money for them) and there were at least a hundred bros in full hockey gear and a game in progress. Did I mention it's rollerblade hockey? It is. Also, they have competitive dodgeball. There is a strange bar area upstairs where the bands can play. It's glass enclosed so you can watch the hockey going on. The bar serves three kinds of beer on tap. A giant cup of Bud is 2 bucks. They also sell wine and sake bombs (?) for 4 bucks. At 12:30 Rock the Light was still not that close to going on so we bailed back to Sac. I'm sure they rocked it.

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Unknown said...

RTL played Arena Rock. and it was pretty awesome.