Monday, January 03, 2005


Thanks, Miller for posting in my absence but it did give me a start when I logged on.

First off, what the fuck is going on with the MIA thing on Craiglist in missed connections?!?! These people are the worst.

Secondly, I saw a list of banned words from 2004 but it was dumb so I thought of a couple words and phrases. In the last paragraph, you'll notice I wrote out "what the fuck" instead of WTF. I am sick of that. Yes, I have written that before, but still. Also, "sausage party" for a party where there are a lot of dudes. And of course, the hated "I just threw up in my mouth a little". Please feel free to add any more if this dumb blog format lets you comment.

I will soon be listing my top ten movies of 2004 and would like to see others. I've been excited about this for a while, not sure why.


Anonymous said...

What would you call a party that was predominantly chicks? I mean, in case it ever happens. I think I saw 4 movies this year in theatres & I can't even remember what they were right now. I don't know why - it's not like I'm mad at movies. Maybe I'd see a few if I knew someone that worked at a theatre. I honestly think that I've seen more movies on planes this year - the top ones being:
*Mean Girls
*Jersey Girl
*Jersey Girl (the second time)
*Runaway Jury
*Mean Girls (the second time)
*The one about the '80's US hockey team in the olympics which I was able to watch without the sound & still feel like I saw it. I even got all choked up at the end.

As for banned words/phrases:
1. "Hi"
2. "Bye"
3. "I'll call you later"
4. "I think so"
5. "Well I never!"
6. "Dude that was my skull!"
7. "Pour some brew in Gorman's shoe"
8. "Foster! Foster!"


Anonymous said...

I would like it if people stopped talking about and thinking that mullets are funny. Also, no more thinking that little people are ok to make fun of. Not only is it really mean, but it stopped being funny about 5 years ago. Can someone please make my mom stop saying "bling bling" and "girlfriend" and "like"? And people saying "I am SO NOT...." just refuses to go away.


Anonymous said...

what do you call an all girl party? the lilith fair. tee hee. no seriously, i had a great name for an all girl party but i can't remember it right now.


Anonymous said...


Taco party.

Credit to the other Miller (mark)


beckler said...

It's no fair for you all to be so much funnier than me. Keep this up and I will ban comments entirely. This throws my lame math tudor post into sharp relief. Does that sentence make sense? Perhaps not. Oh yeah, sorry guys, and I would like to point out I sometimes use these, but douchebag and calling someone a total D are sorely overused. Eeew!! sorely overused is a gross term. I'm banning it!