Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I think the blog may go down at two, so be prepared. Coincidentally, I may go down at six or so, depending.

Speaking of fra'mani (in the comments of the other post), I think I'll stop by Tucos in Davis on my way home and pick up a couple, they are really sublime. Here's a list of places that carry their products, although it doesn't list Cortis, which has their salami. EC picked some up and it was surprisingly mediocre, despite an icky claim on the package to be like handrubbed with Italian penicillin or something.

Has anyone been to Carol's in West Sac? What's it next to? Seems like I should have heard of it before.

Sooo....sacrag is reporting that supposedly the Maloofs walked away from the arena deal again, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, at least not in the Bee. I think it's rad the way the arena opposition has gotten so much attention despite their lack of funding. Scroll down for a picture (which I can't post) of the very attractive Norma Barajas speaking out about her family's restaurant being run out of town on a rail by fatcats. And it seems like a done deal that Joe Sun is next.
RIP Earl of Sandwich
RIP Texas Mexican
RIP Joe Sun
RIP Records on K?


Anonymous said...

I think Carol's is in the same business cluster as the Thrifty (or Payless Drugs, I can't tell the difference) which is across West Capitol from the Blockbuster / Big Lot cluster. I think it looks just like regular diner, I am surprised to read such an interesting review. I thought it was a waffles / club sandwich kind of place.



Alice said...

This is unrelated but I want to give a shout out to Ira Jacob Levy! He's out of Niki's uterus and into this world as of 11:30 am this morning.

beckler said...

that's very exciting! !

Anonymous said...

I have tried a bunch of random spots in West Sac; Carol's was pretty disappointing. Overpriced (for what it is) diner food.

Anonymous said...

Carol's is directly across the street from West Sacramento City Hall, just down the street from Walgreen's. It's very popular with the spandex bicyclist crowd, due to its generous servings. It's also very popular with old West Sacramento families, so a special treat is seeing three or four generations gathering there for lunch. It is exactly what it is - a family owned and operated diner, not unlike Cornerstone. Breakfast is the best bet.

beckler said...

I can't believe I wrote that joke about going down. I'm ashamed of myself.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the Joe Sun deal was a done deal. Fuck me.

The good news is that the 524 on 12th St is coming back. There's been a crew there for weeks working on the whole building, which is a really, really, really great thing. I know some are underwhelmed with the food, (not me, no way Jose) but the special part is that the place is changing into a place with apartments upstairs and some sort of business along with 524 downstairs. The place was nasty with the usual folks who choose indoor squatting (and shooting and smoking and delivering the ole wino spray wherever the spirit moves them) over camping by the 'merican with Bronco Billy busting them.

I know, God bless them and everyone else on the planet, but I'll take 524 and a restoration job (over razing the whole place and building an ugly box) over said humans' "housing" any day.


Anonymous said...

I have eaten at Carol's twice, It is pretty average diner fare. I had the Vegetarian Omlet, which the first time was really good. The second time I had it the Avocado was quite brown and the spinach was slimey. I haven't been back since. The one thing that struck me is that most of the staff are young & semi-gangsterish. Sagging pants, neck tattoo's etc, Not very professional. Talking on a cell phone while cashiering isn't what I would look for in wait staff.

While we are on the subject, please don't ever go to Sunny Side Up on Folsom Blvd. I went in there and ordered breakfast for lunch, something I do often. The waitress came out about a minute after placing the order and asked if I would mind my hash browns being "a bit crispy" Being that I have only 1/2 hour for lunch I said sure, I thought it was awful quick to have overcooked my food, but was distracted thinking about other things. Well I got the hashbrowns, and the shock on thier face when I explained to them that crispy doesn't mean left over from breakfast and re-heated I got nary an appology and no reaction when I told them I was never going to eat there again because of it. looking back it still feels surreal.

Anonymous said...

It should not be surprising that West Sac is in any way gangsterish. Bryte and Broderick, now part of West Sac, are one of the places where Nortenos began.

Anonymous said..., they didn't.

Anonymous said...

As a founding member of the Nortenos, I can attest to the fact that we actually began on M st. in the fab 40's. We started out with minor offenses, such as running through leaf piles and leaving flaming bags of dog poop on Ronald Reagan's step, and later moved on to random shootings and dealing crack. We hate when we get confused with the Nortenos that have a tilde over the second n, that's a different gang.