Monday, October 29, 2007


On saturday I went to the Rubicon's 20th anniversary celebration, which they celebrated by having 20 hoppy guest beers on tap. My favorite was the Deschutes Hop Trip. The Sacramento hop heads were outside with a table and a silly hat that was supposed to look like a hop blossom (if they have blossoms). Some of the people outside had been there starting at nine am (we got there at around 4). That would be cute except we heard one guy talk about hoping he could make it back to El Dorado Hills. Here's hoping he didn't crash into anyone and kill them! I hope that the Rubicon has more events with guest taps, as their beer is as nastay as ever.

I've written about these two places before, so nothing new under my sun but...

I went to Edokko II the other night and got the tan tan men, and I have to reiterate that their ramen blows Shoki out of the water. Give it a try if you've only been to Shoki. I'd be interested to know if people agree or disagree.

Also, I went to Rolle again for lunch and even though I felt very tantrumy (inside) to find that they had run out of baguettes AGAIN, I got the salad nicoise with poached salmon and it was fucking GOOD. The mustard vinaigrette is delicious. I also got the gratin of the day (red potato) and it was sooo rich and the dusting of herbs de provence was perfect.


archbishop said...

I heard about the guest taps at Rubicon, and once again, it's sad that the beer there is so much suck.

Did they serve their Award Winning Beer that they don't sell there? The one they're supposed to start bottling? If so, how was it? I'd really appreciate it if they started selling decent beer since it's within crawling distance of my home.

Anonymous said...

Becks, here is how William makes that salad dressing: dijon, a little white vinegar (or rice vinegar) and corn oil. nothing else. He also uses one of those squeeze bottles to keep it in, which is good cause you have to shake this stuff up to mix it well. Put some dijon in a bowl, add a little vinegar and whisk it until it looks glossy, then add a shitload of corn oil. "A miser with vinegar, a spendthrift with oil" - thats what they say in old cookbooks. Try a slice of the pork/pistachio pate en croute with your salad dressing next time. mmm.

beckler said...

it's so mustardy. i knew the reason it was really good is because he uses a bunch of oil. my dressing at home is never that good because i balk at using very much oil. it usually either tastes like vinegar or lemon. i tried to get a pate sandwich except as i said he was out of bread again.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, the baguettes he uses turn to stone after about 3pm, so when he runs out of bread, lots of times that means he's decided the bread is too hard, and he won't serve you baguette-shaped-stone, which is thoughful. Fresh bread like that doesn't stay soft for long.