Monday, February 02, 2009

The Boss teabags America

I'm so glad I had my camera with me because I caught some really great action shots of the Bananas ripping it up, like this one below:
 Just kidding, I managed to lovingly photograph the lentil salad I made from this recipe, but I forgot to bring my camera for the show. What is up with blogger not allowing me to stop linking right here?!?!?! I already have to upload my goddamn pictures one at a time! 
The Bananas were on fire, and the people up front were, too.  What a fun show.  Natalie and I made a riot grrrl joke that made all the young girls texting around us think we were really cool.  In fact, I think they were texting their friends about how funny we were.

Can you believe that Super Bowl winner Troy Polamalu was at Luigis celebrating his victory last night?  He rolled up in a stretch hummer.  He was really nice and down to earth, and very religious.  He kept crossing himself everytime he took a sip of beer.
I had time to make bread this weekend, which means I had a relaxing weekend, for once!  Here's the recipe.  
You can get all the ingredients you need for these rolls in the co-op bulk bins for pennies.  In fact, I wouldn't shop anywhere else, cuz you need cracked wheat, which is a semi-obscure ingredient.
This was a lovely dough.  A joy to work with.  It's a bit wet at first.
While I was waiting for it to do its first raise, I made the best drink in the world, a Meyer lemon radler with this delicious German hefeweizen.  The lemon brought out the wheat flavor in the beer.  I'm in love with Meyer lemons, still.  I haven't gotten sick of them yet.  
Here's the risen dough, it was a nice warm day, so the dough did its job.
Here's the rolls, looping them is easy once you figure it out.  For the second rise, the day was already cooling off, so they weren't as fluffy as I wanted.
As the boss would say, the rising.
Finished product.   As the boss would say, nummer nums.  Man, I wanted to post a video of the boss teabagging america at the superbowl halftime show, but stupid nbc is taking them all down!
I have so much to post that I'm not done.  Check the midmo blog, too.


Anonymous said...

That bread looks lovely.
Those girls could not have thought we were cooler. The girl next to me rolled her eyes so hard at me I tohught they might pop out.


beckler said...

Hmm...midmo blog will not let me upload pictures, so I'll post about the last day of New York Bagel Boys later today.

beckler said...

this yelp from mattm of sanad's is making me happy. he went on my recommendation and overall he was pleased. i agree about their pita. it's crappy. however, i had a falafel there yesterday which the dude but yogurt and cucumber on, and it was delicious!

Andy Naify said...

Nice Double Mountain glass. I just went up there two weekends ago. Goat cheese pizza with truffle and porchini oil...