Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Our city government is kind of like the Bush administration, in that they pull things that anyone with a brain should know is shady, but they use shock-doctrine fake-outs to convince everyone that it needs to be done, and then later when no one really cares and no one can do anything about it, they finally acknowledged that they fucked up.


Anonymous said...

This fucking town will do anything for development. Development that never happens. I have come to a point where ay least some of this crap sucedding would make me feel better. At least it would be money "well spent" instead of money just thrown to the wind.


Anonymous said...

A corrupt government, eh?

Did you see the story about our favorite crack addict who went back to racing bicycles? No longer will he hang out in front of Tower Theatre making half-assed attempts to mooch change.


I hope the prostitutes that work the parking lot are still hanging out.

beckler said...

I think maybe that little guy who sold flowers around Tower died maybe? Does anyone have any info about that? I saw an obituary photo that looked like him a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heckasac,
The city does not have time to complete their development deals because they are far, far too busy sending six (6) metro cops after me and my expired RT ticket. Yes, I will admit I did not have a current ticket, yes, I will admit I am a terrible person, and while I do thank the city in advance for the opportunity of allowing me to tell this all to one of our fine judiciary officers in person two months from now I am not protesting the fine and would prefer to just pay it. How much do you think judges get paid an hour? Ok, multiply that by how much I get paid an hour, carry the 8, and I think you will come out to WAY more than my fine will be.
Such an effin waste of city money.
jamattack! aka occasional scam punk

Anonymous said...


-- Patrone

smitty said...

When will you marry me, Patrone?

I just kicked my new roommate out. It's the 10th, he hasn't paid rent, isn't sure when he'll pay it and drank 5 bottles of my wine (honestly, he did replace 2 of them). I'm obviously an idiot at choosing roommates, so I'll be great at city council! I'll choose my newest old roommate to pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

don't the maloofs owe the city like $75 million, too?


Sharper said...

Leroy, you're trolling. Everyone knows the Maloofs are doing everything they can to make us hate them so they can pick up sticks and leave for drier, hotter, sexier climes.