Friday, February 20, 2009

V street house

Movies on a big screen in West Sac has an interesting-sounding doc screening tonight. 

I'm stoked that Tower opened "I've loved you for so long" and I'm double-stoked that they're getting "The Class".  How cool is it that Kristen Scott Thomas is so fluent in French that she can play a French woman?  I'll have to start liking her now.

There are some really beautiful leeks hanging around right now.  They are babies, which also makes them cheap because you are not paying for that big tough green top.  I had these two types of produce last night and lo and behold Marcella Hazan had a recipe for braised leeks and artichokes.  Of course the only ingredients were the vegetables and some olive oil, and s and p. That's how all her veggie recipes are, so you better have good ingredients.
Here's the finished product.  The artichokes were interesting.  Very woody and earthy I even detected a faint liver-like taste and smell.  Strange.  The braised leeks were really good.
I have a salad dressing secret for you: buttermilk.  It makes your dressing taste kinda like ranch!  

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