Friday, February 06, 2009

what more could you want?

Part three of Operation: Getting You To Go To West Sac In The Rain.
1) it's friday night
2) cheeseburgers
3) bowling
4) listen to this


beckler said...

Mean ol' Caroline in Davis asked me to ask people about their favorite midtown bars. Are there any good ones? said...

get out of midtown, that place has been sold to Roseville yuppie moms and douchebags with screen printed dress shirts and dress sneakers. the Pied Piper (next door to Esoteric Records/Pardees Cameras) is like the Flame Club without shitty tweaker BMXers. family owned, you can smoke, cheap drinks, comfy decor... a solid dive.

smitty said...

There's one I like, but I ain't saying which one it is after I've seen how the place next to Capitol Park Cafe got ruined.