Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I can haz camping, part 2

Apparently I love to make gifs of my friends chopping wood?

Best radio station in the world!
The Eastern Nevada desert is really beautiful right now. There has been a lot of rain so there were a lot of critters and flowers.

This is a dead zombie cow. So creepy! It was hard as a rock but I was still scared to poke it. I thought it might roar to life. I overcame my fear and poked it with a long stick. I said I would do it, and I did.
Gourmet camping frittata brought to you by skipper. Not sure why blogger wants to underline this right now.

This was some moonshine from the res
This ratio was somewhat true to life

The rare and wily desert poodle


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

no shots of the pink potty?


beckler said...

i sent liv one. she loved that thing! i heard she is going to get "chicks 4 life" tattooed on her butt

Caroline said...

those pictures are rad.

Josh Nice said...


Anonymous said...

There may not be any room - that tat of Gram Parsons takes up pretty much both cheeks.


Skipper said...

Good photo of the saloon at the magic hour.

Anonymous said...

About 12 hours after we got home, Desert Poodle finally broke down and went back to eating dog food. He was really holding out. Eating cheddarwurst and scavenging the desert for snacks was much more fun.


beckler said...

by "snacks" I presume you mean "coyote poo"

Anonymous said...

I prefer to call them "native crunchies". Rabbit, wild burro, antelope, coyote, whatever kind of poo you might encounter as long as it's dry and hard.


Jeff M. said...

Did you ID any of your flowers?

Looks like the bright red one might be Castilleja angustifolia.

I can't tell what the next one is.

the five petal maybe Phlox stansburyi (pretty common name: Colddesert Phlox)

These are just guesses. I never ID'd in the desert before.