Tuesday, November 29, 2011

good discussion

Anybody listen to Talk of the Nation today?  It's not online yet, but it was a discussion of police tactics.  A cop who was chief of police in Seattle during the WTO protests called the pepper spraying at UC Davis the most egregious misconduct during a protest that he had seen in his 34 years as a cop.  He seems like a cool dude, for a pig, I mean.  He said he thought teargassing the WTO protesters was a horrible mistake.  It was refreshing to hear a public figure admit a mistake wholeheartedly.  That never seems to happen anymore. Katehi, I'm looking at you.  Anyway it was a good discussion and maybe worth listening to online.

This is awesome!  I love this hippy aspect.  The geodesic dome is a nice touch:

Outside on the UC Davis quad, about 80 tents were set up with Tibetan prayer flags strung between lampposts. Teach-ins were being held on the sidewalk and under a tarp-covered geodesic dome.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/11/29/4085704/protesters-disrupt-university.html#ixzz1f8NIZL50


beckler said...

btw, I mean she needs to specifically apologize for the fact that her first move was the blame the students and spout, incorrectly, that the police were keeping themselves and the students safe.

Anonymous said...

I think she needs to GTFO, but then, I'm a hard-ass.

Love the tents in the quad but they need to lose the Tibetan flags unless they want people to mistake it for a weed clinic.


beckler said...

sorry, square, weed is an integral part of occupy. get used to it. the occupy encampment in sac was wafting some of it when I walked by yesterday

Anonymous said...

'Weed is an integral part of occupy.'

I'm sure the organizers will love that. weed has been an integral part of the legalize hemp movement and they haven't accomplished shit in the past 25 years.

-square omf

beckler said...

it's legal, isn't it? if not, why am I sitting at a desk made of hemp right now? why?

beckler said...

here's a math problem for you:

if you're doing a focus group on makeup that pays 85 bucks, and you kind of fudge on how much makeup you wear, and then you go to cvs and spend 51 dollars (mostly on makeup that you won't really use, but also on headphones and hair dye, which you needed anyway) how much money have you made and was it worth taking a half day off? factor in the possibility that you may be able to squeeze in the Ella lunch special of a french dip before you go back to work, which would probably put you in the hole overall, moneywise but now you have all this cool new makeup and you're way too full.

Liv Moe said...

i think that's a wash right?

JB said...

The Seattle cop had a really good article in the Nation a little while ago arguing the same thing.

I'm too lazy to google it up, but I recommend the article. It should be easy to find.

beckler said...

google it for me!

I did not go to Ella for lunch, so I came out ahead. I wish I could try that sandwich, though. Also, I know a lot about Bare Escentuals makeup now, if you'd like to know anything.

Anonymous said...

EB tried to get me for some mock jury/legal thing but it was only $125 bucks for 5 hours. Seemed like such a rip off compared to most the focus groups that pay like $100 for an hour and a half.

-moose drool

beckler said...

this one = 85 bucks/ 2 hours.