Thursday, August 02, 2012

art show

First things first: Natalie's art show opening is tomorrow! This is amazing that she has accomplished what she has in the last year or two.  She put together and arts collective, which has had two group shows (and a fun, super successful bike ride), has had numerous pieces shown in the Bay Area and now is in a two-person show at Bows! 6-9 tomorrow.  Should be fun.

Actually, guess that was the only thing I got.


Natalie Rose said...

Aww shucks buddy thanks..... I am so excited. Plus beer and sandwiches when you get there!!!


beckler said...

oh my god, live corgi puppy cam! they are nursing RIGHT NOW! i swear the mom is smiling

Liv Moe said...

Corgis are so rad. I'm a major Sutter Brown groupie who I finally saw in flesh about a month ago making a big convenience on the capital lawn. SO CUTE!

DJ Rick said...

Lee from Burger Records and ex-Makeout Party funnyman is playing with his band tonight at Luigi's with Deep Time (formerly known as Yellow Fever), Nacho Business, and Monster Treasure (cool dual-fem-fronted indie pop from Stockton); I thought you might like that!

Captcha: hopmouth 13

(Imagine a teenager who only drinks craft IPAs!)

ninja said...

4 eyes: 4 bands!

show sunday at Luigi's. done by 11pm. pop bands and rock stuff.