Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bananas! Tonight!

Bananas tonight! Press club! I heard a local celebrity chef might be making spicy jerk popcorn.

If you want to see a photo set that shows you how fun things were during the King Tuff show go here.  There is an awesome shot of Hailey onstage.


beckler said...

how come you no comment no more.

exciting news: edible sac summer issue is FINALLY out just in time for fall. I have an article in it for the first time. Stoked. Can't wait to get my hands on it. It's been cool working with co-editor Ryan Donahue. I'm sure some of you guys know him. He's a cool guy and a good photographer.

Anonymous said...

I hear your cry for comments, and I've responded. What's up everybody? I'm entering hour two of hanging out at the McDondalds on Folsom and Manlove while I wait for my truck to get fixed. Fucking good times.
Does anyone want to put money down on how long it takes for me to cave in and buy a soft serve cone?


Anonymous said...

Can this just be me and Jay talking among ourselves? Whats wrong with the truck? Are you using the wifi at Mickey D's? I say soft serve by one.
See if they still have the cookies or pie, I was wondering recently.


Anonymous said...

The cookies! I forgot about those! Yes, little known fact: McD's has some sweet-ass wifi. And air conditioning! Truly it is the Magic Kingdom. No, wait that's Disneyland isn't it?


Rosalitahead said...

The cookies are so delicious.
Soft serve yet? Any new friends?


gee whz said...

I got a copy of Edible Sac at Bows last weekend. Haven't read it yet.

Get a shake!

No Manlove joke yet?


Anonymous said...

Too easy, too easy.


beckler said...

what about the pie? what about the pie? what about the pie?

go to 6 minutes in to see an awesome mcdonald's commercial. the hot apple pie commercial is not that good

Anonymous said...

Pie. Manlove. Edible. Soft serve.

Hot weather, hot thread.


beckler said...

nom nom

wburg said...

Everyone left town for Gathering of the Juggalos. Woot woot!