Monday, August 27, 2012

picture post

 tie dye tomatoes!

 garden tomatoes!
 ralph lauren sweaters!

 poo in a styrofoam container! j.k., delicious beef and chicken kabob from Mediterranean market
 I made sauce and froze it.  Too lazy to can.  First, boil the tomatoes quickly and then plunge into ice water
 easy to peel at that point.
 saute some onions in a little butter until soft, throw in your diced tomatoes and stand back and let nature take its course

 no caption needed. double cute

 I bought this stuff at Mediterranean market.  It's balls of tangy sheep milk in oil, with thyme and other spices.
 toast up a pita and shove this inside and you'll be stoked, maybe with some Persian eggplant pickle?
 My pies are looking better ever since I figured out to add more water, and freeze the dough for a little while right before rolling it out.
 This was peach.  I peeled them the same way I peeled the tomatoes.

 I bought rye, so that I would have the ingredients to make a sazerac.  I couldn't stand to just rinse the glass with absinthe, so it was really absinthe-y

Pie in a bike basket it a risky proposition


beckler said...

what is this heist events b.s.? I tried to block it from my fb but was unsuccessful

Anonymous said...

I need to buy that sweater, somehow its making my legs look really good.


undercover caterer said...

I totally read that as Sheep Balls in Oil. I mean, I'm an adventurous eater but even that did not appeal.

dystopic eye monkey said...

Where'd you get the bonded rittenhouse?

beckler said...

total wine.

beckler said...

you are doing the paris hilton pose. that always works

Shannon said...

Matt looks about 8 years old!

beckler said...

duh, sheep cheese, not sheep mild. what if sheep milk came out in little, tangy cheese balls? i would be first in line for a teat