Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tour de wha?

Sac has been in the nytimes 3 times lately.  well, kinda.

1) adam pechal on the foie gras thing
2) jay howell (ok, used to live in sac) in a piece on a smug young couple. jay is mentioned in the same breath as chris johansen, no less.
3) the davis tour de cluck got a major mention, with a mention of a fat face popsicle only without saying it was from fat face.  bummer.  in picture 5 on the slide show you can see the popsicle, the fat face logo, and jeff melendez in the background

liv is doing a "chat back" with elaine o'brien at the showing of "red" at the b st. theater tonight.  It's a play about Mark Rothko, two-person.  I'm excited to see it.

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