Wednesday, August 22, 2012

can't speak

Oh man, I got my favorite celebrity comparison today.  A bum in Davis said that I look like Carol King.  I attribute it to the dashiki and my not-yet-straightened bangs (they are straight now, phew!), but still, I like it a lot better than Janis Joplin.

If I wasn't numb to this Sacramento's governmental stupidity and corruption, perhaps this would make me mad.  This is a quote from an article in Tuesday's Bee:

Last week, they moved the train tracks. Tonight, Sacramento officials will seek the City Council's OK to convene a panel to brainstorm plans for a modern transit center and other development behind the downtown depot.

So, you move the tracks FIRST to an asinine location, and THEN you start to tak about what your plans our. Wow.  I'm speechless.

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wburg said...

The plans have been around for more than a decade. The problem is that every time a new idea comes down the pike, the Metro Chamber wants to drop whatever plans we have been working on and jump onto the latest bandwagon--typically, it's a bandwagon that pulled through other cities first and they saw it on some inter-city fact-finding tour.

The already-existing and already-approved plan for the intermodal depot was to move the tracks, then build a concourse in between the old depot and the new tracks, with connections to intercity bus, light rail etcetera in between. The problem is that there isn't enough money to build that concourse now, and that plan was intended to use the whole intermodal space. When the idea of an arena on that lot popped up, ULI recommended against it because it would mess with any sort of intermodal depot. So the local powers-that-be got themselves appointed to this ULI group and basically rewrote the report to change that opinion--which basically required throwing out most of the plan for the intermodal depot. Thus, the current hoo-hah.

beckler said...

have you taken the train since they put it into effect? it sucks! it just emphasizes the stupid bridge to nowhere. i know it will be better when the construction on the new pathway is done