Monday, January 13, 2014

polly want a sauce

So the REAL story of the Round Table at Round Table was not the Halloween show theme (ho hum) but the fact that the Round Table in Old Sac has the Polynesian Sauce. I was simply browsing the round table menu online (as you do) when I noted that they said that some locations did not have this sauce. That intrigued me, so I ordered a side of it. The guy behind the counter said "one side of Polly sauce" and that made me feel cool.

 It is sweet and spicy and everyone could not get enough of it. Smiller claimed he did not like it but you wouldn't have known it from how he was dipping his pizza in it (heh). Charles liked it so much he double dipped! Of course he did. All in all it was the hit of the round table at the square table at round table.


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undercover caterer said...

I used to work at Round Table (um, 25 years ago) and I've never heard of Polly sauce. I must investigate.

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is that the B-52's in the header pic?