Monday, January 06, 2014


Here are some stats for ya: 406,798 pageviews, 3194 posts

That's right, suckas, I'm closing in on 10 years of heckasac and only a pube's breadth (which is different than pube breath) away from 500,000 pageviews. I never noticed this stat before. 

And now you, all half million readers, are waiting to hear what I think of the Beyonce album. I love Drunk In Love as much as anyone else, I'm human after all. I was very happy to see that Hype Williams directed it. It was especially good to see something from him after seeing Belly to remind me that he can actually direct as long as it doesn't entail anything more complicated than walking in slow motion while a song plays.  NH observed that Jay Z does look like he's actually drunk and I agree with her.

I really like Yonce and was thinking I might play it at Heckarap. It was fun picking out all the people in No Angel but I really only recognized Paul Wall and Bun B. The video with the skinheads and moshing kind of embarrassed me and was kind of awesome.

There are finally a couple of good shows this week. Audacity/2014/Croissants at Bows on Tuesday. Black to the Future and Charles Albright Band on Thursday at Press. I don't know who this Charles Albright is but I read in the news and review that he has something to do with the arena plan, so I'm going to go protest at the show. I am also collecting signatures so that we can bring his existence to a vote on the ballot. My only problem is that so many people want to vote this guy out of existence that I have to keep replacing my front door...because everyone keeps knocking it down! 


Cody S. said...

I think Audacity/2014/X-Sants is Wednesday?

Scott Miller said...

Indeed it is Wednesday.

Glad to have the Yonce in the canon. Mr Virgo over here thinks "bay" every time I see that written down.

Scott Miller said...

Uh, and by "that" I mean "Bey"

talkaboutcharles said...

You can't stop me.