Friday, January 17, 2014

repectfully disagree

Rankings are rankings, and two people rarely agree, but I just have to say woahwoahwoah to any top ten ranking of Pho that does not include Pho Saigon. JM seems to be somewhat partial to chicken pho, which is Pho Anh Dao's specialty. That's why it gets so crazy, for some reason the rare Vietnamese restaurants that specialize in chicken pho are always hella crowded and often "sell out". I've seen PAD close early because of it. I don't like chicken pho - I find it to be bland. It tastes like something you would eat when you're sick. He does mention the beef pho there, i'm not sure I've had it.

I am a creature of habit when it comes to pho and 80% of the time I go to Pho Saigon. The Pho at Huong Lan is not bad. I don't think Pho Xe Lua can measure up to Saigon. I don't think Pho Bac can, either, although I have an old-school love of the Bac. And Star Ginger is pretty out of left field. I don't hate on Star Ginger, but I haven't tried their pho. Again, chicken pho is not really pho to me.

And Pho Saigon Bay suuuuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ox pizzle

I enjoyed the article for what I learned about pho but I respectfully disagree with the rankings.


Count Mockula said...

Pho Saigon would be my choice, too. Although I also have a weird love for Pho Bac… and their Buddha's Delight and their avocado shakes and their salad rolls, everything with thick, sweet sauce. And greasy water glasses. Ah, memories.

undercover caterer said...

Pho Bac is my favorite for non-pho. The dish with the weird little hamburger looking things is so good. I think Saigon is the first place I actually had pho and I still like it the best too.

beckler said...

I have a soft spot for pho bac. probably the first place I ever ate Vietnamese food and my standard for years when I lived super close by. that's where my love of jarritos bloomed, too. but can you believe I've never been to the former el camino real?

Natalie Rose said...

I can believe that, its that you have never been to Oscar's that blows my mind. (that is the case right?)