Thursday, January 16, 2014

warms my heart

 These pics are out of order here. But anyway, we went to Yang's Noodles on Stockton last night, as recommended by MH on Sacramento Foodways (linked at right) and beautifully photographed by RD. Also AMR had reviewed it as News and Review but that one flew by  me a bit.

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The cool thing about Yang's as MH explains, is that it is Taiwanese, and brings together cuisine of various parts of China. That beauty above is a beef roll, of the likes that I have previously only had in L.A. It's an oily flour pancake wrapped around thin sliced beef with sliced cukes and cilantro and scallion. There's a little bit of sweet plum sauce ((I think it's plum) and the teeny hint of sweetness is awesome. The lady running it is SOOOOO nice.
 Here's a new public art project in Davis on the arboretum trail. It's an arch made of shovels. Cute.
 Beef roll interior.
 Tofu appetizer. Nice squidgy texture, lightly dressed with sesame and soy.
 Yang's makes their noodles and the woman recommended the meat sauce. Ground pork in a nice salty sauce with mushroom and cucumber. The noodles are extremely rustic and fun to eat.
 The only thing Yang's needs to work on is their sign! We passed right by. That red square is the only place where you can read the name. Why is the phone number so giant? Is the free wi fi part a remnant of a past business? I fear for them if they don't get some better signage. It's hard to tell from the front of the restaurant, too. There were a decent amount of people in there last night at 630
 This is hard to see, but right across from that sculpture in Davis they are putting in a little park on the already lovely arboretum trail. I don't know what all is going to be in there but they already have some really nice benches. I don't like davis but ya gotta give em props for stuff like this. they have their priorities right to have a very liveable city. In other news, the Pho Bac in Davis closed! Like all Davis versions of Sac chains, it was gross but still. Is that the only one that has ever closed down?
This is posted in my building and it warms my heart that young, young people will still watch the creaky old original star trek. it gives me hope.


DJ Rick said...

It seems very ironic for me to be the one to tell you this, but I think you've overrated Davis: "they have their priorities right to have a very liveable city." You left out "if you can afford to live there." Of "if you don't mind living with roommates forever like you're in college."

Also...It may indeed be the best city to live car-less with a bike, but perhaps no CA city over 50,000 population has worse Mexican food.

beckler said...

Depends on your def of liveable, but since I've probably written like a 100 times on this blog "I hate davis" I don't think I can ever be accused of overrating it

DJ Rick said...

Well, I figured it would be funny since I lived there off and on (but mostly on) for 13 years. Definitely a love/hate relationship.

beckler said...

no offense taken. yes, love/hate for me. mostly hate