Tuesday, January 21, 2014

weekend hijinks and shenanigans

Wow, pretty raging weekend. I wish I could have another 3 day weekend to have a completely non-raging weekend. This weekend is not shaping up to be non-raging, at least because of the !!! show and maybe something else I'm forgetting. Probably.

Friday I went to the Mother I-refuse-to-say-soft-opening. I can't wait to get their chile verde again and the desserts were off the chain. They did a last minute waldorf salad that was really good too. They opened yesterday so I wonder how that went. I think just for lunch and it was a state holiday. No offense to any state workers reading (I am one too) but they can be pretty harsh and don't expect to spend much. The Master Of The Woods kombucha was also delicious. I heard they are going to tone down the pepper but I hope they don't.

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Then I went over to Todd Barry and he was disappointed it didn't sell out but he KILLED. Me and OC both yelled out stuff unsolicited and he snapped on us, which was both hilarious and embarrassing. We deserved it. We got him big laffs.

Saturday I rode to bike dog brewery for my first time there. The ride was only 5 miles but I wimped out on the ride home. I can't believe it wasn't more. the dudes I was with were riding too fast for me and I was trying to be tough and keep up. When I ride that far setting my own pace it's not bad. I'm pretty sure all of them were trying to be slow for me, too.

I got a little too buzzed too fast from having not eaten enough that day and I was dying because the taco truck wasn't opening for hours. The beer was great but I feel like I should have taken some notes on my impression. SM got me a burrito and I ate it like an animal.

Then  I went to Todd Barry again. DKK and I got a brief drink at Tank House (a guy offered us 10 bucks for our table so his party could eat at it but we kindly declined. The crowd was bigger at TB this time but he only did OK. Also about 90% of the set was the same, which I'm sure is very normal. I had no idea what to expect. Also, he did multiple bits from his last album which I thought comics weren't supposed to do? But still, I would see him any time.

Then we had drinks with DB at Tank House after. It was great to see him but it was toooo loud!! and then it was hard to find a place to settle outside. luckily since it is already spring it wasn't cold.

Then, on to see Drake on SNL. He tried but boy SNL is in the toilet. It sucked so bad. NH and I agreed the sole laugh was Rick Ross as the red teletubbie.

SUnday, baby shower at Bows and more sadness about Bows because it was so awesome. Then partay at Bows later. Did I do something else? I can't even remember. That was the weirdest, most fun party I've been too in a very long time. Crowd was a fascinating mix of people including a raver in a panda suit. It was pretty much the Grimey crowd (not surprising since it was Dan-O's birthday) and the djing by his protégé was pretty confounding. NO was saying he goes to a lot of clubs in NY and could not get a handle on what you would call it. I haven't really been to clubs in any other city but it might be something invented in Sac. Rap and I don't even  know what you would call it mixed in and then maybe Shout or Tequila mixed in briefly. The rap is always what people like the most so it's hard for me to understand why people don't just play 75% rap instead of maybe 25%. I think when you get into computer djing you get bored just playing rap hits.

Oh yeah, duh Sunday I djed No Bunny, which was fun except for the bro in the fitted and his girlfriend yelling at me to play DRI and alternating between friendly (high fives) and kind of scary with a cutting-across-the-neck motion that I think was just referring to the music. No Bunny was really good but maybe phoning it in a teeny bit? Good crowd.

So, I am tired and feel like I barely had a weekend. I am cat sitting a place with cable and got to see 4 key and peele's and it is so funny! This video reminds me of the music at the party.


HK said...

Were you at the Todd Barry 8pm or 10pm show? We were at the 8pm and it sold out I believe. People were standing in the back.

He was great. I would love to see more comedians play at the Comedy Spot. It's ridiculous how expensive it is to go to the Punchline. For two people to go to a show and get the mandatory 2 drinks each is like a quarter of my rent. Can't do it.

HK said...

And specifically Friday at 8pm.

beckler said...

I was at the 10 on Friday and the 8 on Saturday. the owner of the comedy spot is really cool and i'm glad I got to meet him but i'm disappointed to find that he only plans to bring touring comedians 3-4 times a year, just to raise visibility of the comedy spot. he is much more focused on improve, sketch, comedy classes, and local standup.

beckler said...

I wore high heels (two inches I think) for about 7 hours yesterday, often on my feet and the balls of my feet are numb. hope it isn't permanent nerve damage! or maybe that's why certain ladies can wear them all the time. they have killed the nerves in their feet.

Cody S. said...

Todd Barry was great. I think it's pretty normal for comedians to do material off their latest album. I've also seen comedians do a set that's 100% the same, which is weird but I guess understandable. Bands on tour often play the same setlist at every show, right? At least Tod Berry does the crowd work that is probably guaranteed to be different for each show.

Anonymous said...

"Cody S." is Todd Barry's screen name on Blogger.


Cody S. said...